Project Midnight Rainbow!

Heavy Progression-based Rogue-lite

Inspired by:
  1. Rogue Legacy
  2. Binding of Isaac
  3. Path of Exile
  4. Diablo
Main Features:
  1. Heavily Randomly Generated
  2. Big Class Variety
  3. A lot of Progression through Items and Unlocks
  4. Combat Focused
  5. Perma-Death
  1. Top-Down
  2. Mouse-Keyboard Controls
  3. WASD Movement
  4. Mouse Aim and Place Skills
You start by selecting a class then you enter an Overworld where you can enter a randomly-generated “Dungeon”. The main goals are, acquiring as much currency as possible and progressing as far as possible without dying. When you die you can spend your currency on random stat-based Items and other things.

Very Work-in-Progress Download.